Free Healing Seminar, Mexico – Aug 26

“The Hidden Stressors Blocking Your Energy”

~ With David Raphael

Most people would agree that their health is their most important asset.  But what exactly is health?  A body that is free of pain and illness is a good place to start.  But great health includes vibrant energy, harmonious relationships, a calm mind, fulfilling work and more…

At this engaging and informative FREE seminar, you will:

Discover the most common hidden stressors that are making you feel exhausted and blocking your energy;

Find out how to create a surplus of energy, strength and power;

Understand the principles behnind Bio-Energy healing and why it works;

Learn quick-and-easy techniques you can use immediately to raise your energetic set-point;

Practise opening and expanding your natural energy flow.

Date: Thurs, Aug 26th, 2010, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Location: Lifepath Center, Pila Seca 11, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Admission: $15.00 or use this Coupon Code for a FREE Ticket:  777
More Info: Call David at (604) 689 – 8034 or email at

David Raphael is the founder of Awakening Mind Intentional Healing.  His seminars and
healing session have been described as “life-changing”.  Drawing upon leading-edge energy healing modalities and personal coaching, he creates a safe, enjoyable environment where people quickly increase their level of energy, health, happiness and self-expression.  David practices at Oceanside Wellness Clinic in beautiful Vancouver, BC, and offers tele-seminars and distance healing worldwide.

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