“My Life is Now Soaring!”

I first decided to see David Raphael after experiencing some positive emotional changes through my personal meditation practice.  However, I still felt like there was a block in the relationship area of my life;  I knew I was holding on to something that was no longer serving me.

I saw David on five occasions. He uses several different techniques and it’s obvious to me that he is very tapped-in and tuned-in to people and their energy and uses his gift to help people come to their own conclusions.  After I would leave a session, for days after, I found myself learning and growing in each of the areas that we had covered. It has been such a huge learning experience for me, and my life is now soaring!

My I am so grateful to see the things in myself that were so deep-rooted that I couldn’t see them before, and then find ways to work through them.  It’s truly an unbelievable experience. Now, I find myself with greater confidence, living without fear, trusting in myself and others and being comfortable with how life unfolds.  Now I can live my fullest life as I know what I am destined to do thanks to the work that I did with David.  ~ Sandeep Kaur, Vancouver, BC.

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