What is Cerra Water?

Healthy Ionized-Alkalized Water for a Fraction of the Cost…

Recently, I attended a demonstration of a new water technology that blew me away!

I had been aware for some time of the ionizing machines that do a great job of producing alkaline water, but I just didn’t have the spare cash — typically $2000 – $4000 — to purchase one.

At just $199, the price of this new “ionizing water pitcher” was definitely right!  I bought one, took it home and started using it right away.

The pitcher looks like a “Brita” jug, but with an important difference.  The filter unit contains not only charcoal to purify the water, but also special “bio-ceramic” beads which naturally ionize and alkalize the pH of the water.

To order a Cerra Water Pitcher for $199, click here.

I’ve been drinking the water every day and so far have been impressed by its fresh, “bouncy” taste and just how well it hydrates.  I can literally feel the water being absorbed by my body more quickly than regular tap water.  An unexpected benefit has been a noticeable increase in my energy level.

There’s lots to learn about the benefits of alkaline water.  So far, through the reading I’ve done, I’ve discovered that ionized water, with a ph level of 8.0 – 9.o –

  • has a extraordinary ability to detoxify and hydrates the body
  • promotes health and healing and can reverse disease
  • has anti-oxidant qualities which contribute to cell protection and guard against cancer, heart disease, etc.
  • can eliminate chronic pain.

All of the above contrasts with the negative health effects of the acidic water that comes out of our taps.  Bottled waters are apparently no better;  I was surprised to find out that most of them have the same acidic pH level of Coca Cola (pH 3.4)!  An acidic environment in the body can contribute to all kinds of ailments, including osteoporosis, irritable bowel, headaches, premature aging, inflammation, cancer and the sugar cravings that lead to overweight.

To read more about how drinking alkaline water can protect against the affects of acidity in the body, click here.

After experiencing the benefits of alkaline water first hand, I really want to make this new water technology available to all my friends, family and clients.  So, I have become an official “Cerra Water” distributor and am able to offer you the ionizing, alkalizing water pitcher for just $199.

As I mentioned, the jug looks like a “Brita” and fits easily in the door of your fridge. The filter both ionizes the water and removes several impurities including chlorine.  It’s compact size allows it to fit in a suitcase, making good water available to you while traveling.

I see this new product as the beginning of as a healthy water revolution where we can all afford to have the high quality drinking water in our homes now, for just one-tenth to one-twentieth of what it used to cost.

Click here to email me and place your order for the Cerra Pitcher.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for our health and energy level is the simplest.  I encourage you to gift yourself and your family, as I have done, with the best drinking water available!

Be Well – David Raphael

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