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Corporate Wellness


Businesses may implement many types of corporate wellness programs, from simple wellness newsletters to on-site gyms. While some corporations have instituted very comprehensive corporate wellness programs, others have achieved savings or increased productivity with a few relatively easy workplace-based activities that promote healthier lifestyles.

Small Investment. Big Returns.

Corporate wellness programs are an investment in your company’s most valuable asset, your employees. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are feeling well both physically and mentally. Employees are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and appreciate an employer who values them.

Workplace Wellness. Made Simple.

Wellness-2-Go offers corporate wellness programs and services that are designed to empower and motivate employees to take charge of their own health, energy and wellbeing. Our innovative program includes classroom education and training, one-on-one sessions, health challenges and teambuilding events.  In addition we provide corporate discounts on healthy products, foods and services. Your time is valuable; so we make wellness simple and easy by bringing our programs right to your company’s door.


Corporate Wellness. A Snapshot.

For well over a decade, research has shown the effectiveness of Employee Wellness Programs. For every dollar spent on a wellness program, the returns have resulted in an average cost savings of between $2.30 and $10.10 in the areas of decreased absenteeism, fewer sick days, reduced WSIB/WCB claims, lowered health and insurance costs, and improvements to employee performance and productivity.  Some statistics of note:

  • Municipal employees in Toronto missed 3.35 fewer days in the first six months of their “Metro Fit” fitness programs than employees not enrolled in the program.
  • British Columbia Hydro employees enrolled in a work-sponsored fitness program had a turnover rate of just 3.5% compared with a company average of 10.3%.
  • One study showed that implementing a Worksite Wellness program lowered sick leave by 28%, reduced the use of healthcare benefits by 26%, and decreased employee’s compensation claims by 30%.
  • The Canadian government’s corporate wellness programs returned $1.95 – $3.75 per employee per dollar spent (as reported by Dr. Roy Shephard).
  • Coca Cola report saving $500 every year per employee after implementing a fitness program, with only 60% of their employees participating.
  • Canada Life Insurance reported a return of $3.43 on their fitness program, and an overall return on investment of $6.85 on each corporate dollar invested on reduced turnover (32.4% lower), productivity gains and decreased medical claims.

Programs & Services

Wellness2Go 101.  The 3-D Model.

“Live the Real 3D Experience – De-Stress, De-Tox and De-Clutter Your Life.” Our flagship start-up program teaches your staff members simple-and-easy tools and techniques that they can use right away to reduce their stress, reclaim their health and regain their focus, both at work and at home. In addition to being an effective stress-reduction program, the Wellness2Go curriculum provides employees with the communication skills and organizational tools they need to bring their on-the-job performance to the next level.

Ongoing Support.  The Key to Success.

Statistics have shown that when starting any new regimen, the “make it or break it” times occur at the six-week and six-month points.  The first six weeks, in particular, are critical: If a person makes it that far, they are more likely to stick with the program and complete their goals.

Recognizing that employees require on-going support in order to achieve success in their wellness program, Wellness2Go offers an extended weekly or bi-weekly program. These high energy, hour-long classes (usually a lunch & learn) provide your staff members with continuing wellness support and education, health challenge incentive programs, leading-edge stress-reduction techniques and innovative strategies for living a more energetic, productive and fulfilling life.

In addition, only Wellness2Go offers each employee two private life-coaching sessions with one of our expert Wellness Trainers. These sessions are designed to focus and motivate employees to put the principles of a healthy lifestyle into action.

(Three-month, six-month and twelve-month programs are available.)


The TeamBuilder

Team building activities are important for the group skills, communicating and bonding that result. When people come together in well-designed morale building activities, an environment of trust, confidence, energy and creativity develops.  Everyone is put in a spirit of agreement so that there is less of a tendency to be concerned with individual recognition and more of a focus on achieving common goals.  The Wellness2Go Team Builder program provides group activities that are aimed at keeping your employees engaged, enthusiastic and productive.

Our Trainers

Our Wellness Trainers are amongst the best in their fields and are passionate about what they do. They are committed to your staff getting the results they want in their health, energy and performance on-the-job. Wellness2Go Trainers are skilled in creating a positive learning environment where participants are engaged, motivated and have fun – while retaining more of what they learn. We bring in special guest speakers on regular basis who provide the latest information and instruction in their area of expertise.

Wellness2Go Card



Introducing the ‘Go Card’

Wellness2Go offers both an on-site, comprehensive wellness program and exclusive special discounts for staff members toward healthy food, products and other wellness-related services.

Each employee will receive a Wellness2Go “Go Card” offering an exclusive 20% Discount on all Healistic Planet wellnessproducts, Awakening Mind Life Coaching and David Raphael Bio-Energy Therapy sessions, etc.

Go Card Official Launch: August 2011 – Even more discounts, services and products will be coming to you and your staff members.  Our Go Card partners include health food stores, yoga studios, detox massage therapy, life coaching sessions, wellness retreat packages…and much, much more.

Contact Us

Getting started is what matters the most.  Contact our wellness team today and start building a strong foundation for your customized, comprehensive, in-house wellness program.

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Web:  www.wellness2go.ca

Andy Lung – Wellness2Go Team Manager(604) 618-8302

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