Woman Healed Lupus and Found Love!

An Amazing Healing Journey:  Healed Lupus and Found Love!

I was diagnosed with SLE (lupus) about three years ago and this affected my joints with painful arthritis almost all over my body. In addition to the joint problems, which limited my mobility and flexibility, I was also coping with extreme fatigue associated with the anemia of chronic disease.

I exhausted every possible treatment I could think of at the time, from conventional medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, physiotherapy, naturopathy, yoga, to tai chi. My mom even took me to an old lady’s house who claimed to remove bad spirits and dirty entities that were supposedly nagging me. 🙂  Of course, everything helped to a certain extent but my disease was quite active during that time period and fluctuated significantly.

One day, my wonderful naturopathic doctor recommended that I see David. I was starting to get a little bit better physically and was trying very hard to stay positive emotionally. She personally consulted with David herself, so I thought “Why not?”.

Little did I know then, David has now become instrumental in my healing process and spiritual journey. I met David at one of his “Calm your Mind” seminars.  David was very professional and encouraging in his speech, and he exuded qualities of peace, sincerity, hope, wisdom and warmth.

Throughout my eleven sessions, David influenced me positively and guided me throughout spiritually. Moreover, I experienced sensations of feel-good vibrations in my brain whenever he performed his bio-energy magic. What I learned most is that I can manifest anything in my life if I truly believed in it. Physical health and inner peace is no longer just possible but a reality.

It is now seven months since I met David and as far as I am concerned, I am healed. My arthritic symptoms are 90% gone and I have not felt more energetic in the last three years. Even my lab results show this. To top this all off, I met a very special someone recently and I cannot believe how much we have in common.  I feel that this person could be my true soul mate!

Changes are never easy but I would not have anything that happened to me be any other way, including the seemingly negative circumstances. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart. ~ Amy L, Richmond, BC

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