Blog: “Bio-Energy Healing? Huh…?

When I tell people about the work I do, their eyes open wider and they often say:  “Bio-Energy Healing…hmmm…interesting.  What is that anyway?”  Here’s how I like to explain it…


Everything is energy — including tables, chairs, the food we eat — and the human body.  When life brings us stress we tend to close down the flow of energy through our body.  It’s a natural, protective reaction.  But then your energy becomes stagnant or blocked, interrupting the flow…  You feel emotionally drained and stuck in your health, relationships or career.

Bio-Energy Healing is a natural, non-invasive treatment that is completely safe.  Based on the ancient Chinese practise of medical Qi Gong,  Bio-Energy clears the blocks in your energy – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual — and instantly gets your energy flowing freely again.  You feel an increase in your energy and vitality, your outlook shifts back into the positive zone and your body heals from pain and illness.

I’ve had success treating clients with all kind of conditions, including anxiety, depression, back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, trauma, insomnia, addiction, etc.   Since we’re working with energy, and everything is energy, people also make breakthroughs in creativity, confidence, career, communication and love relationships too!

David Raphael

“The Awakening Times:  Enlightened Living Now”

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