20 Awesome Affirmations

Powerfully worded affirmations allow YOU to set the tone for your day, rather than outside circumstances like the burnt toast, the not-so-good news on the radio or the traffic jam on your way to work.

I suggest choosing 3 affirmations from the list below each morning.  Then repeat them to yourself several times as you go through your day.  As a reminder, it’s a good idea to write them on sticky papers and place them in key locations like the bathroom mirror or on your computer.

  1. I can choose peace instead of this.
  2. I am full of health, energy and vitality.
  3. My body is thriving.
  4. I am bigger than any obstacle.
  5. There is time enough for all important things.
  6. I know what to do and I am doing it.
  7. I go with the flow.
  8. I am strong and resilient.
  9. I am the action of love in the world.
  10. I get everything handled.
  11. This is a universe of infinite possibilities.
  12. I am creating love and support in my life.
  13. This too shall pass.
  14. I am naturally abundant.
  15. I choose healthy relationships.
  16. My Soulmate is on their way.
  17. My thoughts create my reality.
  18. Today I choose joy.
  19. I am making healthy choices.
  20. I breathe in peace.
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