Blog: Can Your Thoughts Turn Rice Black?

Blog: Can Your Thoughts Turn Rice Black?

I recently did an experiment involving nothing more than ordinary rice and water.  The results totally blew my mind!

Take a look at the contents of the 3 jars and their labels in the photo below.  Note the differences between them:

rice experiment

This photo was taken just 7 days after the experiment began.   As you can see, the rice in the “I Hate You” jar turned black!  The “Neutral” jar turned cloudy and a whitish scum began to form on the glass.  But the “I Love You” jar remained the clearest of them all!  Pretty amazing, eh?

The first time I saw this done was in a video on YouTube.  I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical;   it just seemed too bizarre to be true…

But seeing is believing, and I’m a believer now!

Why not try this out for yourself and draw your own conclusions?


How To Do The Experiment

First, I got 3 identical jelly jars and filled them three-quarters full with tap water.  Next, I placed a heaping tablespoon of cooked white rice in each jar and put the lids on.  Finally, I labelled the jars as follows:

1.  “I Hate You – You’re an Idiot!”  2.  “I Love You – You are Wonderful!”  3.  [No label].  The 3rd jar is “neutral” and serves as the “control” in the experiment.

Then, each day, for a week, I spoke to the jars!  Yup, I know it sounds crazy, but I literally said the words on the labels out loud to each respective jar!

The results speak for themselves.  This simple, yet ingenious, experiment is evidence that our thoughts, intentions and emotions have a profound impact on ourselves, other people and the environment we live in.


A Little Background On The Experiment

Back in the year 2000, I heard about this is experiment through the pioneering work of Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan.

In a series of experiments with water, he observed that ice crystals will form brilliant, symmetrical snowflake patterns when positive words or music, like Bach, Beethoven or Mozart, were directed toward them.


On the other hand, when negative words or music (heavy metal, gangster rap) were spoken or played, the ice crystals were ugly, misshapen and dull in colour!  You can see the difference in these photos taken by Dr Emoto.

What Does The Rice & Water Experiment Mean?

If we can cause rice to turn black by simply putting a negatively-worded label over it, how are our thoughts impacting us?  Our health, our children, our career, our relationships and the environment we live in?

The rice & water phenomenon supports the basic principle of the Law of Attraction: negative, critical thoughts tend to attract stress and dis-ease into our lives, whereas our positive, loving thoughts go a long way to drawing towards us the happiness, health and loving relationships we most desire.

But Is It Scientific?

For most of us western people, raised in a scientifically minded culture, seeing is believing.  As surprising and challenging as the results of these experiments may be, consider that it would actually be unscientific to  dismiss the results of this experiment simply because they don’t fit in with our current view of reality.

Instead, I invite you to try the rice & water experiment yourself!   Then share what you discover with me, your friends, family and the children you know.  Most people are surprised, intrigued and delighted when they witness the unmistakable power of their thoughts to turn rice black!   It’s not much of a stretch to get the implications this experiment holds for living a healthy, happy life.

Who knows how many people you might inspire to speak to themselves and others with greater awareness, kindness and love?

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