Bring Your Dreams to Fruition in 2015

Bring Your Dreams to Fruition in 2015

The Best Year of Your Life:
5 Simple Steps to a Creating Intentions for a Brilliant Year! |

You are going to dedicate this year to bringing your most cherished dreams to fruition.

I’ve created a very simple, 5-Step System that enables you to create exactly what you want in life.  And it works like a charm – when you work it!

So let’s get started…

Give yourself 15 minutes.  Find a quiet place to sit with your journal, computer or tablet.

You are going to write out clear and powerful intentions for the upcoming year.

Each intention should light you up, turn you on — and move you to bring forth the very best of yourself.

1.    What would have to happen to make this the best year of your life?  Write down one or more intentions for each of the following areas of life:

(1)    Health & Energy
(2)    Relationship (Love, Family & Friends)
(3)    Career / Education / Personal Growth
(4)    Finances
(5)    Spiritual / Happiness

2.    Make a list of actions that will bring your intentions to fruition.   What do you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for your intentions to to manifest?

3.    Identify two or three qualities that you will need to cultivate within yourself in order to manifest your intentions with ease.  (Integrity, Power, Kindness, etc).

4.    Finally, write a sentence about how you are going to FEEL when you complete your intentions!

5.    Your list of intentions is a working document.  I strongly suggest you copy it onto the “memo” app on your telephone so that you can easily review it on a regular basis (for example, on the 1st of every month).  Update your intentions and take NEW ACTIONS as necessary.

Bonus:  Share your intentions with someone whom you trust, who you know will support you, hold you accountable and keep you on track with your plan!


Have an amazing year and please feel free to email me and let me know about your successes as you nurture and grow your dreams over the next few weeks and months.

Together, let’s make this “The Year of Fruition”!

To your Love and Happiness,


David Raphael
Transformational Coach &
Bio-Energy Healer

PS – You can book a Introductory Session with me and clear the blocks in your energy that may get in the way of manifesting your dreams.  *Special Rate:  $52.50.   Please contact me by email or tel (604) 689 – 8034 for more information and bookings.

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