Manifest What You Most Desire

Manifest What You Most Desire

Mastering the Power of Your Higher Chakras |

Everyone has something they are working on manifesting.  Whether it be a career that suits your gifts and abilities, a more comfortable living space, greater health and vitality, a soulmate relationship or simply an experience of life that is happy and joyful — we are all gifted with the ability to create what we truly desire in life.

In the past, most people manifested using the lower three chakras.  But because they vibrate at a lower rate, using these chakras can be labourious, time-consuming and feel like a struggle.  Now, many people are waking up to the relative ease of manifesting through the brow and the crown.

Combining the qualities of Intention, Vision and Meditation represented by the higher energy centres, can result in faster, more precise and even miraculous manifestation!  I have seen such results in my own life — and over and over again in the lives of my clients.  Below are two methods for manifesting.  I encourage you to begin by using the first one, “From the Brow”.  Then, once you have received a few of your desired results, you can gradually start using the second method, “From the Crown”.  Remember, be very clear about you want and don’t be afraid to include some specific details.

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Manifesting using the wisdom of the chakras is a very empowering and rewarding experience. Please feel free to email me your manifestation success stories at [email protected] so that others may be inspired to use the chakras to manifest their dreams!
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