Meet David Raphael

David has been a teacher for over 25 years, having earned bachelor degrees in both music and education.  He eventually came to see that whatever the subject matter being taught, it was only ever a “cover story” for the real work being done:  helping students to grow through self-acceptance and unconditional love. This realization led David to become committed to assisting people to heal and empower themselves through the release of limiting thoughts, blocked emotions and outmoded behaviour patterns.

Driven by curiosity, a sense of adventure, and the intuition that all travel is inner travel, David has been drawn to places as diverse as Peru, Japan, Indonesia, China, Europe, Morocco and Australia.  While living in Hong Kong, he studied with Reiki Master Deborah Chan.  This led him to continue his healing studies in Thailand, where he made several journeys to study Traditional Thai Massage at Wat Po Temple and the Old Medicine Hospital of Dr Shivaka Komparapaj.

Then, in the spring of 2003, David heard the call to leave the security of a traditional teaching position and moved to the beautiful town of San Miguel, high in the mountains of central Mexico.  There he encountered several gifted healers and shamans, who led him along a journey of deep personal transformation and trained him in the healing arts.  He continues to study with the Peruvian shaman Juan Ruiz Naupari and the bio-energy teacher/healer Michael Dalton.

Now he lives in Vancouver by the ocean, where he enjoys assisting individuals and groups to overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their highest potential in all life areas:  health, relationship, career, abundance and spirit path.

David’s commitment to you:

✓    To assist you in healing chronic and acute physical conditions
✓    To restore the natural flow of energy within your bio-energetic field
✓    To clear limiting beliefs, blocked emotions and conditioned behaviour patterns
✓    To improve relationships with your partner, friends, colleagues and family
✓    To increase financial abundance and find greater career satisfaction
✓    To connect with your life’s purpose and awaken to your true potential
✓    To gain deeper spiritual awareness and understanding


Experience a 90 minute introductory session with David Raphael and change the course of your life forever.

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