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Three Ways to Feed Your Flame

Find Your Pathway to Freedom and Joy! |  “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” ― Erol Ozan | Life is a journey, where each day brings unexpected twists and turns.  Every moment brings you to a crosswords, a point of choice. One road will lead you on a path that excites and ignites the flames of your creativity, passion and love. The other is a detour towards further distress, darkness and delay.  Unfortunately, this is the road we tend to choose when our energy and enthusiasm is already running low. What can you do when you’re feeling stressed-out, not good enough, depressed, or have simply lost your “oomph” and excitement for life? We’ve all been there…Everyone has periods of low energy, where their inner light seems to dim. So how can you best handle those days when you’re overcome with self-judgement, or resentment towards someone you love?  Maybe you’re mired in shame over something you’ve done, or not done? The first thing to do is to resist the urge to beat yourself up over it.  That only further douses your inner flame. The next thing is to recognize that this inner darkness has but one purpose: to guide you back in the direction of the light.  Then, be willing to see that there is a decision to be made, within your own mind, now. Ask yourself, “Which flame am I feeding?  The all-consuming fire of destruction, devastation and the death of dreams; or the inner flame of creativity, vision, freedom and joy?” That’s your work today.  And it can take as little as 5 minutes to rekindle... read more

Manifest What You Most Desire

Mastering the Power of Your Higher Chakras | Everyone has something they are working on manifesting.  Whether it be a career that suits your gifts and abilities, a more comfortable living space, greater health and vitality, a soulmate relationship or simply an experience of life that is happy and joyful — we are all gifted with the ability to create what we truly desire in life. In the past, most people manifested using the lower three chakras.  But because they vibrate at a lower rate, using these chakras can be labourious, time-consuming and feel like a struggle.  Now, many people are waking up to the relative ease of manifesting through the brow and the crown. Combining the qualities of Intention, Vision and Meditation represented by the higher energy centres, can result in faster, more precise and even miraculous manifestation!  I have seen such results in my own life — and over and over again in the lives of my clients.  Below are two methods for manifesting.  I encourage you to begin by using the first one, “From the Brow”.  Then, once you have received a few of your desired results, you can gradually start using the second method, “From the Crown”.  Remember, be very clear about you want and don’t be afraid to include some specific details. Manifesting using the wisdom of the chakras is a very empowering and rewarding experience. Please feel free to email me your manifestation success stories at [email protected] so that others may be inspired to use the chakras to manifest their dreams! All good... read more

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Four Ways to Activate Your Inner Fire |  The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The official beginning of summer, the Solstice falls on June 21st and celebrates the themes of  light, power and love. With the increase in sunlight, our mood and energy becomes super-charged.  This makes the Summer Solstice the ideal time to examine your life and to shed light on those areas that are out of alignment.   With this fresh awareness, you can then choose to let go of the negativity that is blocking you — and take powerful new actions that will bring your goals to fruition. I invite you to take advantage of the abundance and intensity of the light and fire energy available on June 21st this year by marking the day with one or more of these Four Solstice Activities: Honour the Sun by simply taking a few minutes to sit outside.  Meditate with your palms facing upwards.  Breathe consciously into your Solar Plexus and activate the fire element located within this chakra (energy centre).  Feel a sense of gratitude as you receive this Gift of Light and Life Energy flowing to you and inside of you from the Sun. If you enjoy doing yoga, on the day of the Solstice take on doing the set of exercises known as the Sun Salutation.  These exercises invigorate and harmonize the energies of your body, mind and Soul.  On the morning of the Summer Solstice, face the sun and perform a set of 12  Sun Salutations.  Aim to make this a daily practise going forward. Re-examine your Intentions and Goals that you wrote months ago... read more

Bring Your Dreams to Fruition in 2015

The Best Year of Your Life: 5 Simple Steps to a Creating Intentions for a Brilliant Year! | You are going to dedicate this year to bringing your most cherished dreams to fruition. I’ve created a very simple, 5-Step System that enables you to create exactly what you want in life.  And it works like a charm – when you work it! So let’s get started… Give yourself 15 minutes.  Find a quiet place to sit with your journal, computer or tablet. You are going to write out clear and powerful intentions for the upcoming year. Each intention should light you up, turn you on — and move you to bring forth the very best of yourself. 1.    What would have to happen to make this the best year of your life?  Write down one or more intentions for each of the following areas of life: (1)    Health & Energy (2)    Relationship (Love, Family & Friends) (3)    Career / Education / Personal Growth (4)    Finances (5)    Spiritual / Happiness 2.    Make a list of actions that will bring your intentions to fruition.   What do you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for your intentions to to manifest? 3.    Identify two or three qualities that you will need to cultivate within yourself in order to manifest your intentions with ease.  (Integrity, Power, Kindness, etc). 4.    Finally, write a sentence about how you are going to FEEL when you complete your intentions! 5.    Your list of intentions is a working document.  I strongly suggest you copy it onto the “memo” app on your telephone so that... read more

Blog: Can Your Thoughts Turn Rice Black?

I recently did an experiment involving nothing more than ordinary rice and water.  The results totally blew my mind! Take a look at the contents of the 3 jars and their labels in the photo below.  Note the differences between them: This photo was taken just 7 days after the experiment began.   As you can see, the rice in the “I Hate You” jar turned black!  The “Neutral” jar turned cloudy and a whitish scum began to form on the glass.  But the “I Love You” jar remained the clearest of them all!  Pretty amazing, eh? The first time I saw this done was in a video on YouTube.  I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical;   it just seemed too bizarre to be true… But seeing is believing, and I’m a believer now! Why not try this out for yourself and draw your own conclusions? …………………………. How To Do The Experiment First, I got 3 identical jelly jars and filled them three-quarters full with tap water.  Next, I placed a heaping tablespoon of cooked white rice in each jar and put the lids on.  Finally, I labelled the jars as follows: 1.  “I Hate You – You’re an Idiot!”  2.  “I Love You – You are Wonderful!”  3.  [No label].  The 3rd jar is “neutral” and serves as the “control” in the experiment. Then, each day, for a week, I spoke to the jars!  Yup, I know it sounds crazy, but I literally said the words on the labels out loud to each respective jar! The results speak for themselves.  This simple, yet ingenious, experiment is evidence... read more

Blog: How to Handle the STUFF of Life

Can you imagine spending days on end, sitting on a cushion in a hall with 30 other people, listening to all your thoughts, feeling every emotion and noticing every last little sensation that shows up in your body?

On top of that, spending that week in total silence, speaking with no one, completely unplugged from the internet, the only outside stimulation coming from the food you eat and daily walks in nature?

That’s exactly how I spent last week, at a Vipassana Meditation Retreat on Samish Island, near Bellingham, Washington.

Vipassana means “insight” in Pali, the sacred language of Buddhism. During 14 sitting and walking meditation periods a day, I learned to bring laser like attention to my thoughts, feelings and body sensations, with the underlying purpose of opening up to a deeper, richer, extra–ordinary perception of Reality.

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Workshop May 12th: “5 Strategies for Inner Peace”

Stress Reduction Workshop with David Raphael…

Learn how to calm your mind, be happier, healthier and have more energy!

• Why is it that I persist in the same behaviours – even though I want to change?
• How can I keep from getting de-railed by the stresses of my life?
• What does it take to become the person I always wanted to be – and live my best life?

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June 2nd & 8th: The Open to Love Seminar

Soulmate Attraction Workshop

Are you wondering if True Love is ever going to happen to you? Maybe you’re asking yourself:

Why do I keep repeating the same old patterns over and over again?
Is it possible for me to get what I really want in a relationship?
Why does the one I love not seem to love me back?
When I DO attract someone, why do I always seem to find out later that they are not the right one for me?

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20 Awesome Affirmations

Powerfully worded affirmations allow YOU to set the tone for your day, rather than outside circumstances like the burnt toast, the not-so-good news on the radio or the traffic jam on your way to work. I suggest choosing 3 affirmations from the list below each morning.  Then repeat them to yourself several times as you go through your day.  As a reminder, it’s a good idea to write them on sticky papers and place them in key locations like the bathroom mirror or on your computer. I can choose peace instead of this. I am full of health, energy and vitality. My body is thriving. I am bigger than any obstacle. There is time enough for all important things. I know what to do and I am doing it. I go with the flow. I am strong and resilient. I am the action of love in the world. I get everything handled. This is a universe of infinite possibilities. I am creating love and support in my life. This too shall pass. I am naturally abundant. I choose healthy relationships. My Soulmate is on their way. My thoughts create my reality. Today I choose joy. I am making healthy choices. I breathe in... read more
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