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Blog: What’s Your Superpower?

Now that the winners have been awarded their medals, the torch extinguished and the athletes have returned to their home countries, what are we left with from the 30th Olympic Games?

The heroic accomplishments of swimmer Michael Phelps; the triumph of Oscar Pistorius, a.k.a. the “The Blade Runner”; the dramatic breakthrough bronze medal of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team… Each of these is an example of the extraordinary achievements that are possible for human beings when we hold a bold and inspiring vision for our life.

You are gifted with the same ” superpower” these Olympic athletes have for creating what you really want in life.

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Blog: If You Can See It & Believe It – You Can Achieve It!

Watching the 2012 London Summer Olympics we’ve been inspired – and stunned – by the precision performances of the athletes. 16-year-old gymnast Gaby Douglas jumping, tumbling, flying and twirling her way to the women’s gold. Michael Phelps breaking world swimming records by fractions of a second again and again!

We sit in front of our tv’s wondering, How do they do it? Apart from their extraordinary level of commitment to their sport and rigorous practice, what is these athletes’ secret to success?

After the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Michael Phelps said in an interview, “Nothing is impossible. With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination, and that’s something I learned and something that helped me.”

He was speaking, of course, about the power of visualization.

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Blog: Why People Don’t Heal

How is it that people can have back pain, or depression, or even cancer, for years, and not heal?

Caroline Myss, in her book, Why People Don’t Heal, maintains that most people do not use their precious life-force energy efficiently. Instead they squander it! She suggests that the average person uses 60% – 70% of their energy simply to manage the negative experiences of their childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, as well as to hold on to the losses, disappointments and resentments of the past. Another 10% is used up worrying about, planning for and trying to control the future.

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Blog: “Bio-Energy Healing? Huh…?

When I tell people about the work I do, their eyes open wider and they often say: “Bio-Energy Healing…hmmm…interesting. What is that anyway?” Let me explain in simple terms…

Everything is energy — including tables, chairs, the food we eat — and the human body. When life brings you stress you tend close the flow of energy down. It’s a natural, protective reaction – a kind of conditioned reaction. What happens then is your energy becomes stagnant or blocked, stopping the flow… You feel emotionally drained and stuck in your health, relationships or career .

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FREE De-Stress Workshop Now in North Burnaby and Kerrisdale!

When your energy is open and flowing, you feel happy and healthy and life is great! But when there is stress, your energy can become stagnant or blocked. This can lead to illness, depression, career dissatisfaction, relationship problems, etc. Choose your date and location:

Yatra Yoga, North Burnaby: April 28th, Saturday, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

SpiRe Wellness, Kerrisdale: May 8th, Tuesday, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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Next Seminar: 5 Strategies for Inner Peace

Join David Raphael for this inspiring, interactive workshop and learn tried-and-true techniques to de-stress your body, calm your mind and create more loving, harmonious relationships.

Open Door Yoga – Arbutus – 2111 West 16th Ave, Vancouver (near the Ridge Theatre)

Saturday, March 24th, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Door Prizes & Refreshments Served

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Woman Healed Lupus and Found Love!

I was diagnosed with SLE (lupus) about three years ago and this affected my joints with painful arthritis almost all over my body. In addition to the joint problems, which limited my mobility and flexibility, I was also coping with extreme fatigue associated with the anemia of chronic disease.

I exhausted every possible treatment I could think of at the time, from conventional medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, physiotherapy, naturopathy, yoga, to tai chi. My mom even took me to an old lady’s house who claimed to remove bad spirits and dirty entities that were supposedly nagging me. 🙂 Of course, everything helped to a certain extent but my disease was quite active during that time period and fluctuated significantly.

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Stress Reduction Seminar: Maa Yoga & Open Door

Join David Raphael for: “The Hidden Stressors Blocking Your Energy… and 7 Easy Strategies to Give Yourself a Boost!

When your energy is open and flowing, you feel happy and healthy and life is great! But when there is stress, your energy can become stagnant or blocked. This can lead to illness, depression, career dissatisfaction, relationship problems, etc…

Come and uncover some of the hidden stressors that may be blocking your energy, health and happiness. Learn quick-and-easy strategies that boost your energy, increase your vitality and shift your frame of mind – immediately. Discover how your body’s energy system really works. Find out how to raise your energetic set-point so that you have a surplus of strength and power available to you – all the time!

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