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Found Her Soulmate!

“I came to David seeking help to control my day-to-day stress and release any limiting thought patterns/beliefs that were making it harder for me to reach my potential in life. David created a caring, safe environment for me to access those deeper issues, and his combination of Bio-Energy sessions and coaching brought me to a whole new level of health and happiness. With David’s help, I found my soulmate, launched myself into an exciting and fulfilling new career, and have become the grounded, confident woman that I’ve always wanted to be.  Eckhart Tolle is right when he says, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart. You are truly amazing at what you do.”  ~ J.B., Vancouver,... read more

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Results from Four-Day Group Bio-Energy Healing:

“My migraine and shoulder pain are now completely gone.”

“Between sessions I acted on a few things I had been procrastinating over and reached out to a few people I would not have before.”

“I have had the best sleep in years these last three days.”

“I have been amazed at how much easier it is to get up in the morning, how much more vitality I have been feeling and how much happier I feel towards everything and everyone around me.”

“I have much better energy, I feel lighter and my arthritic knees are much better.”

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“Chi Gung” – The Ancient Art of Health and Energy

Over the next few weeks, discover the basic principles of Chi Gung as David studies with a Master…

Everything is energy. This was a startling idea when I first heard it – but it seems to be a concept that is appearing more and more in the popular consciousness. The movie What the Bleep Do We Know made the big ideas of quantum physics accessible to us non-physicists. More and more people are open to treating their health problems with acupuncture – which is about unblocking the energy in the body. And since Madonna came out as a “yogi” in 1999, yoga has become mainstream, with literally millions attending classes each week where the instructors talk unabashedly about the body’s “chakras” and “getting your energy to flow”. An Energy Revolution appears to be unfolding around us!

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I have been extremely fortunate to have David as my healer, counselor, and spiritual guide.  When I first went to see David, I was feeling overwhelmed by several events in my life, including a traumatic fire in my home and enduring three kidney stones in as few months.  David’s unique approach of counseling, bio-energy work, and spiritual guidance really helped me turn my life around for the better.  I left each session feeling lighter, free, contented, and powerful.  Over the months I spent time with David, my overall emotional and physical health definitely improved – no more kidney stones!  My relationships have also benefited, as several people have mentioned that they have noticed a positive change in me.  I am so grateful and appreciative of the work you do, David!  ~ Lori Lum, Vancouver, BC I came to see David for Bio Energy treatments and left with so much more.  Every session was a treat that I looked forward to with great anticipation.  Each session was unique, uplifting and rewarding.  I gained tremendous insight into how I have created my life through my thoughts and self beliefs.  David’s coaching skills and the exercises he teaches are very powerful.  I experienced immediate results leaving me in total awe of the whole process.  I will continue to practice what David has taught me knowing that it is there is so much more for me to create! ~ Christine Watson, Vancouver,... read more

Latest Article from David

“Create What You Desire Using The Power of Intention” Everyone has something they are working on manifesting.  Whether it be increased health and vitality, a more comfortable living space, a career that suits your gifts and abilities, a soulmate relationship or simply greater “peace of mind” —  we are all gifted with the ability to create what we truly desire in life. The body has seven energy centres, or “chakras”.  Most people are used to manifesting the things they want through the lower three chakras.  But because these chakras vibrate at a slow rate, this approach can be time-consuming, laborious and feel like a struggle.  On the other hand, manifesting through the upper chakras tends to be quicker, easier and more enjoyable. Combining the qualities of Intention, Vision and Meditation represented by the higher chakras can result in faster, more precise and even miraculous manifestation!  I have seen such results in my own life — and over and over again in the lives of my clients. Below are two methods for manifesting.  I suggest that you begin by practising the first one, “From the Brow”.  Once you have created some positive results for yourself, you can start using the second method,  “From the Crown”.  Remember — be very clear and specific about what you want.  There is no detail too small for the Universe to handle! Brow (“Third Eye”):  “Active Manifestation” Manifestation Using Vision 1.  Write down a clear goal. 2.  Now, make a timeline.  Starting from the end result, work backwards, breaking the goal down into smaller tasks. Write the date by which each task must be completed.... read more

New Location for Awakening Mind

We are pleased to announce that healing sessions will now be held at “Oceanside Wellness Centre” at Suite 208, 1810 Alberni St.  Oceanside was established over 15 years ago and consists of a diverse and dedicated team of health and wellness practitioners.   Come and visit us in our freshly renovated, tranquil new... read more

Free Healing Seminar

During this engaging, informative and interactive two-hour seminar, you will be introduced to the body’s chakra system and get a feel for just how powerful your energy system really is. Understand the principles behind Bio-Energy Healing and why it works. Learn how to manifest great health and increase your energy! Date: Next date to be announced. Location: The Pacific Institute of Reflexology, 535 West 10th Ave (at Cambie), Vancouver, BC. *Enter at the back of the building;  some parking... read more
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