Create What You Want…with the Power of Intention

“Create What You Desire Using The Power of Intention”

Everyone has something they are working on manifesting.  Whether it be increased health and vitality, a more comfortable living space, a career that suits your gifts and abilities, a soulmate relationship or simply greater “peace of mind” —  we are all gifted with the ability to create what we truly desire in life.

The body has seven energy centres, or “chakras”.  Most people are used to manifesting the things they want through the lower three chakras.  But because these chakras vibrate at a slow rate, this approach can be time-consuming, laborious and feel like a struggle.  On the other hand, manifesting through the upper chakras tends to be quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

Combining the qualities of Intention, Vision and Meditation represented by the higher chakras can result in faster, more precise and even miraculous manifestation!  I have seen such results in my own life — and over and over again in the lives of my clients.

Below are two methods for manifesting.  I suggest that you begin by practising the first one, “From the Brow”.  Once you have created some positive results for yourself, you can start using the second method,  “From the Crown”.  Remember — be very clear and specific about what you want.  There is no detail too small for the Universe to handle!

Brow (“Third Eye”):  “Active Manifestation”
Manifestation Using Vision

1.  Write down a clear goal.
2.  Now, make a timeline.  Starting from the end result, work backwards, breaking the goal down into smaller tasks. Write the date by which each task must be completed.
3.  Following your timeline, take action each day to complete your tasks.
4.  Keep going until you accomplish every task and have reached your goal.

Crown: “Creative Manifestation”
Manifestation Using Meditation

1.  Sit quietly and meditate.
2.  When your mind is calm, create a clear Intention for your goal. In your mind’s eye, visualize exactly what it is you wish to manifest.
3.  Relinquish your attachment to the outcome.
4.  Allow the Universe to handle the details.

Manifesting using the wisdom of the chakras can be both empowering and rewarding in unexpected ways(!)  I would be grateful if you would email me your success stories at [email protected].  Let’s inspire others to use the higher chakras to manifest their dreams!

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