How to Jumpstart your Healing

Healing:  The First Step

Have you ever felt that it was just taking too long to heal?

Perhaps your recovery from a serious illness just seems to go on and on.  You wonder if your energy is ever going to come back!  Or maybe it’s a relationship you ended…but even after several months, just the mere thought of that person leaves you feeling unnerved or upset!

How can you jumpstart your healing?

The first step in any healing process, whether the condition be physical, emotional or spiritual, is a willingness to be very honest with yourself about your underlying emotional hurts – and to allow whatever feelings there are surrounding them to be brought to awareness.

As long as there is an emotional charge still there, there is something to release. It is not enough to repress or “manage” the feelings that hurt us. We are all pretty good at that!  What is important is to acknowledge what you are feeling and to investigate the emotions without indulging them – but taking full responsibility for them and being willing to let them go.

When your feelings get “unstuck”, a tremendous amount of energy that previously had been blocked becomes available for you to complete your healing process – often in an astonishingly short amount of time!

Although it may be counter-intuitive, the willingness to be responsible for and embrace all your emotions, no matter how uncomfortable, is the the first step to ensuring emotional freedom – and for the miracle of healing to occur.

~ David Raphael

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