Thank you for another amazing session…

Thank you David for another amazing session. It sure was the healing and releasing that my body and mind have been craving!! It truly felt like the initiation for turning a corner….fingers crossed ;)!!  Thank you so very much for your support, guidance and of knowing exactly what I needed and need to do to move past all of this and truly heal.  You are so gifted and I am blessed to have been connected with you and to be able to work with you.  J.S., Vancouver


Thank you for this gift!

Thank you very much for making time for me once a week over the last several months! I am continuing to use all the tools you have taught me with positive guidance in my everyday life!

When I came to work with David I was looking for positive guidance in my life to build stronger, more fulfilling and positive relationships in my life. I had been stuck in setting healthy boundaries for myself in some of my relationships for many years and felt I needed some guidance in finding my voice.

After each and every class we looked deeper into those relationships and I was able to transform those relationships for the better with everyday practice.

The results I got have been very good for me! I feel very at peace with myself and the people that are in my everyday life. I am able to be a positive listening space and to express my feelings in an open and honest way.

I really enjoyed working with David! He has a great sense of humour, is a very caring person and although he was there as teacher for me, he was also my friend throughout. He gave me lots of positive guidance and I was eager to listen and learn each lesson from beginning to end.

I also found my soulmate! As we eased our way into my sessions it became more apparent to me that I had closed off my heart to some past and painful experiences. I am happy to report that I have a wonderful man in my life that I love very much and who has become one of my very best friends!

Thank you David!!! ~ Teresa M. Vancouver BC

“Suddenly my life starting providing me with so many beautiful opportunities”

“Over the years, I had developed blocks that were preventing me from being happy. I didn’t feel like myself anymore and I was slowly distancing myself from my family and friends. I’d heard about David through a very good friend and it wasn’t until another friend dropped his name that I knew it was time to book an appointment.

As our sessions progressed, David has shown me that so much of my troubles with family, friends and career stem from two major emotions – fear and guilt. I learned very quickly that these emotions were really the ones running the show of my life.

Once I understood this, everything changed. Suddenly my life starting providing me with so many beautiful opportunities. David helped me get really clear on what it is I desire most in life and helped me to manifest these things into my life. I’ve felt like a new and improved version of myself ever since!! It’s been a pleasure getting to know the me that I know has always been there and I have David to thank for that!!”~ Valentina O. Vancouver, BC


An Amazing Healing Journey:  Woman Healed Lupus and Found Love!

I was diagnosed with SLE (lupus) about three years ago and this affected my joints with painful arthritis almost all over my body. In addition to the joint problems, which limited my mobility and flexibility, I was also coping with extreme fatigue associated with the anemia of chronic disease.

I exhausted every possible treatment I could think of at the time, from conventional medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, physiotherapy, naturopathy, yoga, to tai chi. My mom even took me to an old lady’s house who claimed to remove bad spirits and dirty entities that were supposedly nagging me.   Of course, everything helped to a certain extent but my disease was quite active during that time period and fluctuated significantly.

One day, my wonderful naturopathic doctor recommended that I see David. I was starting to get a little bit better physically and was trying very hard to stay positive emotionally. She personally consulted with David herself, so I thought “Why not?”.

Little did I know then, David has now become instrumental in my healing process and spiritual journey. I met David at one of his “Calm your Mind” seminars.  David was very professional and encouraging in his speech, and he exuded qualities of peace, sincerity, hope, wisdom and warmth.

Throughout my eleven sessions, David influenced me positively and guided me throughout spiritually. Moreover, I experienced sensations of feel-good vibrations in my brain whenever he performed his bio-energy magic. What I learned most is that I can manifest anything in my life if I truly believed in it. Physical health and inner peace is no longer just possible but a reality.

It is now seven months since I met David and as far as I am concerned, I am healed. My arthritic symptoms are 90% gone and I have not felt more energetic in the last three years. Even my lab results show this. To top this all off, I met a very special someone recently and I cannot believe how much we have in common.  I feel that this person could be my true soul mate!

Changes are never easy but I would not have anything that happened to me be any other way, including the seemingly negative circumstances. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart. ~ Amy L., Richmond, BC

“I now feel lighter, more confident and stronger.”

I used to believe in Luck… but now I realize that good things happen if you look for them and just take some action towards them… That said, I still feel lucky to have found David Raphael. A friend recommended David to me and than I heard him speak in an interview.  At the time I thought he was extremely smart and articulate but it still took a few months before I got the courage to pick up the phone and call him.  Prior to working with David I’d done a lot of work on myself and thought that I’d moved most of the emotional boulders that stood in my way when I was younger. – But one slab kept hitting me head on and I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was or how to get rid of it.

Though I believed that I had good parents and a good childhood, I always sensed something had not been addressed. Somehow David was able to pinpoint a moment in my past and guide me to address the injured little kid inside me.   The session was powerful, swift and healing.  Over the next few sessions we worked on releasing the hurt and by the end of my 4 week course of treatment I felt that the boulder was just a little bit of gravel that I could easily rake away when necessary.  I now feel lighter, more confident and stronger.  I’m very grateful for David’s healing intuition, compassion and ability to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter, in every sense.  Thank you David. ~ Will J., Vancouver.”

“My personal goals that I had initially come to David with were met, and then some!”

David Raphael is a joy  to know,  and his vibrant energy is delightfully contagious! I found my sessions with David to be very well-rounded, providing me with helpful and effective Tools and Techniques, idea’s, concepts, feedback, and  prospectives .

My personal goals that I had initially come to David with were met, and then some!  Through David’s coaching, I have gained a deeper understanding of myself, and my desire to be Purposeful.  My already existing prospectives have expanded, and  the new concepts which made so much sense intellectually,  have manifested beyond… resulting in healthy shifts in my mind and body. David is generous, kind, Gifted, and inspiring.

I am very Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him, and would encourage anyone who is interested in expanding themselves to take on this experience! ~ Vikki Gurdas, Los Angeles, CA

“A profound journey that transported me into the deep reaches of myself.”

“I came to David at a time of great vulnerability in my life, recovering from an illness that almost took my life.  I trusted David from the moment I met him, and it was that trust that allowed me to be led on the journey he had prepared.  Each week, new lessons and practices were added, creating a profound journey that transported me into the deep reaches of myself.

Perhaps the most powerful lesson of all was how David taught me to forgive.  With David’s guidance and love, his understanding and kindness, his wisdom and teachings, my path was made more profound, more enlightened, more divine.” ~  A. Holmes, Vancouver, BC

“Now living my life with honesty and integrity.”

The reason why I came to David is I had been to at least 4 to 6 counselors with little or no progress.  I realized that the process  I need to go thorough was not only looking within but I also needed to reconnect spiritually.  I was struggling with loving myself and being honest with myself about who I am.

Some of the things that I notice different from David from other counselors I had was that first of all, David told me a little about himself;  there was no watch on his wrist so he could check the time every ten minutes to ensure he could have me out the door in time for the next client.  Clearly David cared about me, Michael, and wanted me to succeed.  Finally, he never once judged me.  The most important thing that David did for me is helped me realize that I am not alone on this journey.  I know that he was going to be there every step of the way but this is a journey that I would have to start myself.

It’s hard to explain exactly what David did for me until you go see him for yourself, but I can say that I now love myself – and I know that everyday I now do my best to live my life with integrity and honesty, every step of the way.  However, if I do make a waiver a little I know that David has assisted me in acquiring the skills to accept the waiver clean it up and move on.  In the past I could never move forward from my mistakes…

The biggest compliment I can pay to David is to say Thank You for allowing me to accept who I am and to take the steps each day towards making me a better person.  ~ Michael O’Grady, Pitt Meadows, BC

David is a gifted coach and healer who came into my life at just the right moment.

I was beginning to awaken… and was looking to experience dramatic
healing and found that with him. I will never forget his calm and loving
energy and would recommend him to anyone looking to experience
dramatic change.   ~ Curtis Holdack, Montreal, Quebec

David – It was so good talking with you yesterday.  I feel each time we talk, I have a better understanding of who I am. ~ J. Carpenter, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been taking regular Bio-Energy and Coaching sessions with David. I pursued these sessions with him in order to develop and expand my inner self and well being. My sessions with David provide a tremendous positive experience of self-potential. During each session, I feel physically and spiritually uplifted. Each session provides a journey of self discovery with the ability between sessions to reflect and leverage my untapped potential. In a short period of time, David has helped me to expand my awareness and provide another channel for self development and growth. ~ Kiernan Dixon, Vancouver, BC

David – I want to thank you for the wonderful intro session!  I was amazed at how quick and easy out exploration proceeded in during the coaching section and also at the smooth flow of the energetic work. I had a great experience and I really appreciate your work. ~ B. Kerjner, Vancouver, BC

My Life is Now Soaring!

I first decided to see David Raphael after experiencing some positive emotional changes through my personal meditation practice.  However, I still felt like there was a block in the relationship area of my life;  I knew I was holding on to something that was no longer serving me.

I saw David on five occasions. He uses several different techniques and it’s obvious to me that he is very tapped-in and tuned-in to people and their energy and uses his gift to help people come to their own conclusions.  After I would leave a session, for days after, I found myself learning and growing in each of the areas that we had covered. It has been such a huge learning experience for me, and my life is now soaring!

My I am so grateful to see the things in myself that were so deep-rooted that I couldn’t see them before, and then find ways to work through them.  It’s truly an unbelievable experience. Now, I find myself with greater confidence, living without fear, trusting in myself and others and being comfortable with how life unfolds.  Now I can live my fullest life as I know what I am destined to do thanks to the work that I did with David.  ~ Sandeep Kaur, Vancouver, BC.

Found My Soulmate!

“I came to David seeking help to control my day-to-day stress and release any limiting thought patterns/beliefs that were making it harder for me to reach my potential in life. David created a caring, safe environment for me to access those deeper issues, and his combination of Bio-Energy sessions and coaching brought me to a whole new level of health and happiness. With David’s help, I found my soulmate, launched myself into an exciting and fulfilling new career, and have become the grounded, confident woman that I’ve always wanted to be. Eckhart Tolle is right when he says, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart. You are truly amazing at what you do.”  ~ J.B., Vancouver

I’m thankful that David was there to help me during one of the most challenging years of my life. Over the past 10 years I have been in different healing and therapy sessions with some of the top healers in Mexico, as well as in some workshops and seminars with international top figures like Neal Donald Walsh or Lee Caroll, so I know a bit about gifted healers and walking a spiritual path. David has uncovered his gift, and he has such a sharp mind like I haven’t seen before. Thank you, David, for helping me get over that big gap in such a loving and effective way.  I have been extremely fortunate to have David as my healer, counselor, and spiritual guide. ~ Marien Farber, Vancouver, BC

After the Four-Day Bio-Energy Clinic

When I looked in the mirror this morning I looked lighter, youthful, more at peace.  I feel re-connected with earth, heaven, myself and friends.  G. Collins, San Miguel, Mexico

My body healed.  My back pain is gone and my hips re-aligned.  L. Mills, San Miguel, Mexico

I found an oasis of peace over four days which helped me integrate more of myself.  N. Joban, Burnaby, BC

My migraine and shoulder pain are now completely gone.  R. Chima, Langley, BC

I experienced a vibration of inspiration and Source.  I got very energized and motivated.  K. Denoon, Vancouver

I have much better energy, I feel lighter and my arthritic knees are much better.  S. Parma, Langley, BC

We shared a divine process steeped in honesty compassion, love and healing. P. Feldman, San Miguel, Mexico

I started seeing David in a desperate attempt to end my suffering of years and years of severe depression and anxiety. He helped me create intentions and new possibilities for myself and my life. He allowed me to express and share my innermost thoughts, feelings, and past experience through journal writing. He also showed me what forgiveness really means and guided me through the process. I’ve finally let go of the past and am now able to see a very bright future. I’m letting my happy, upbeat personality shine through again. This has hugely improved my relationships, as well as my physical and mental health. I’ve gained clarity and feel at peace with who I am and what I believe. I’ve never felt better in my life. David does amazing work and is truly gifted. I look forward to every session and leave feeling empowered and on top of the world.  ~ Dawn White, Langley, BC

I have been practicing various healing modalities for many years to help clear all the “stuff” that make us feel stuck in our lives. In March 2009, I decided to take a leap of faith, take action and do the work with David to make changes in my life that would help create a peaceful, loving and joyful life. For me, this focus was on letting go of a long term relationship with the father of my children and allow me to move into a space and draw in my perfect life partner.

Davids’ sessions consisted of Bio energy work, shadow work and inner child work. This process helped to integrate my body and spirit in order for me to be more present, aware and live life more fully.  Now, I can watch other peoples’ stories without having an emotional reaction towards it.

Through the sessions I able to release ties with the father of my two children, build a deeper foundation of friendship with him and move the four of us to a new more dynamic and supportive relationship, while living in two different households.  During this process, David taught me energy work and affirmations that changed my life and made me feel “whole”. Life is now joyful and I recognize it as a beautiful gift.

After clearing the old relationship that was still energetically linked and seeing the relationship in a different light, David gave me tools to draw in a “life partner” or soul mate. Within three weeks of starting the manifestations of having a life partner….. the perfect partner for me….there he was….. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. We are both full of gratitude and we look forward to evolving, healing and loving together. ~  C. Herron, Langley, BC

When I first went to see David, I was feeling overwhelmed by several events in my life, including a traumatic fire in my home and enduring three kidney stones in as few months.  David’s unique approach of counseling, bio-energy work, and spiritual guidance really helped me turn my life around for the better.  I left each session feeling lighter, free, contented, and powerful.  Over the months I spent time with David, my overall emotional and physical health definitely improved – no more kidney stones!  My relationships have also benefited, as several people have mentioned that they have noticed a positive change in me.  I am so grateful and appreciative of the work you do, David!  ~ Lori Lum, Vancouver, BC

I came to see David for Bio Energy treatments and left with so much more.  Every session was a treat that I looked forward to with great anticipation.  Each session was unique, uplifting and rewarding.  I gained tremendous insight into how I have created my life through my thoughts and self beliefs.  David’s coaching skills and the exercises he teaches are very powerful.  I experienced immediate results leaving me in total awe of the whole process. I will continue to practice what David has taught me knowing that it is there is so much more for me to create! ~ Christine Watson, Burnaby, BC

I met David at the Health and Wellness Show in Vancouver where he led me through an introductory session of Bio-Energy.  I was amazed at the depth of his insight into my emotional and spiritual blocks, so I decided to book a full session with him.

At the time, my physical body was recovering from a serious illness, but I knew that was just a symptom of deeper issues.  David’s gentle and compassionate guidance has allowed me to explore deeply repressed memories and emotions that were toxic to my physical well-being.

I am no stranger to “energy medicine” and its many benefits, but the Bio-Energy modality has produced deeper and more significant changes that I have every experienced.  For the first time in my life I am enjoying moments of inner peace and I know that these moments can only grow.  David’s boundless heart and delightful sense of humour make each session a “mini-vacation”.  I always leave feeling calm, relaxed and acutely aware. ~ Janice McCarthy, White Rock, BC

I have seen David Raphael for a variety of reasons: digestive issues, menopausal symptoms and spiritual guidance or healing. I struggled for a number of years with IBS that was becoming so severe I was often afraid to leave the house in the morning. David told me about bio-energetic healing and how it would help – and it did! I am now basically 100% with only occasional ‘blips’ and minor ones at that.

A  Bio-Energy session with David leaves me feeling calm, peaceful and joyful. Each session leaves me with a sense of well-being and improved health. Talking with David opens up new possibilities and helps centre me. David has an intuitive sense of what is going on with me and offers a range of healing techniques that include bio-energy healing, aromatherapy, and counseling. He also directs me to other types of healing that he feels would be helpful.

David is gentle, caring, warm and grounded. Each session with David is not only fun but beneficial. My health has been a big concern over the last 5 years or so; nothing life threatening but a gradual and steady decrease in joy and quality of life. These health issues were starting to negatively affect my emotional state, restrict activities and decrease my enjoyment of life. As I work with David I find that I am becoming more and more connected to myself and the world around me. David is continually pushing me in new ways and new directions that are opening up new possibilities in my life. He has helped me see different ways to approach myself and my health concerns; through my work with David I am finding myself again and gaining my health and vitality back. I have found the joy in life again! David Raphael is a gifted healer. Thanks David, for being such an important part of my life. ~ Janet McKinlay, White Rock, BC

I was encouraged by a friend to see David and was immediately comforted in his space. The treatments and my “homework” were so beneficial and I saw immediate results from them. I am far less stressed than I was before, and I also have some great tools to help me deal with old stories. I am less blocked, and now working from a space of heart and intuition rather than monkey mind. Thank you!  ~Danika Dinsmore, Burnaby, BC

David – You have awakened some amazing happiness within me.  It was a wonderful experience and I am blessed to be able to “soak up” some of your special energy. ~ Ingrid Kuriolova, Vancouver, BC

David — You do extraordinary work and can’t say enough about how it has transformed my life.  With your help I was able to make some profound progress and could not have imagined a more beautiful, relaxing and productive way to deal with my concerns.  You are a great healer and I appreciate your help more than I can say.  ~ Patrick Coady, Vancouver, BC

I have been grateful to experience a series of Bio-Energy sessions with David…WOW!  Each session I received worked at a deeper level. I experienced something different each time, and because of David’s gentle and loving demeanor I was able to fully immerse myself in the present moment and receive the utmost benefit from each session. I connected with a part of myself deep within that I didn’t even know existed, but has always been there. I have since welcomed and accepted this connection within myself. I can truly say that my life has changed and continues to do so everyday.

Each session we worked with an intention and I was sent home with an action for me to follow to achieve results…and it all really worked!  With your help I have been able to open up in a way that has taught me that there is beauty and greatness in vulnerability and living from a place of love, openness and connectedness.

Thank you for being an exceptional teacher and helping me on this path of growth and awareness. I know this work has been transformational for me. It has opened up my vibrational levels to accept and attract the greatness and endless possibilities that are available to me on this earth, in this lifetime. With an open heart I thank you David, for sharing your gift with me, and for showing me the best in myself.  What a beautiful journey. It continues to excite me to live LIFE everyday.  Thank you! ~ Daniela Belmondo, Vancouver, BC

I came to David for a session, because of who he is as a person: warm, kind, powerfully gentle, wise, and funny. His presence is healing to me, and was glad to sit with him, and let him do his amazing work on me.

I was feeling extremely overwhelmed from a spiritual experience I had two days prior to the session, and needed help with what I was going through.  During the session, David worked with some spiritual guides, with whom I had a very strong resonance as well. I am very sensitive to shifts in energy, and as the session progressed, I moved from a place of overwhelm, and energetic malaise, to a space of what I would describe as pure tranquility and peace. I have been released from what feels like 10 tons of karma!

I still feel light and airy, yet profoundly grounded, even five days after the session.  Where I notice the greatest change is in me, however, is with relationship to my daily life. I’m getting along better with my partner, and am smiley and happy most of the time — which is unusual for me, to be honest.

Thank you, David, for your amazing abilities. But most of all, thank you for You. You are truly a gift. Looking forward to future sessions!  ~ Gord McKay, Vancouver, BC

David Raphael is a gifted and insightful therapist, providing healing on so many levels – He gently bridges the connection between one’s soul and heart, leading me to discover a source of strength and inner power within myself. Working with angels and guides at a deeper soul level, he offers insight that is not only astoundingly accurate but also intuitive and aimed in overcoming any current physical and emotional challenges as they arise.  With nurturing energy and a calming sanctuary, David Raphael creates the space to help me move in a direction that is in greater alignment with my soul’s purpose and assists in releasing [that which needs to be released] to achieve a greater sense of peace, centeredness and clarity. David has far exceeded my expectations! ~ Tracey Brown, Cloverdale, BC

I have a very different perspective following our sessions together, and am actively seeking to understand when I am coming from my heart and when from my mind… Thank you so much for your help on each of the infinite number of planes that you are facilitating my awakening into the light.   ~ M.S., Vancouver, BC

David — Thank you so much for being an “angel” in my life. I feel so good, so vibrant deep inside. There has been a shift in my life and you are a big part of it;  your help is so much appreciated and treasured.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  ~ Louise Normand, Vancouver, BC

I am immensely grateful to have found David as a healer on my path.  I appreciate the way he is at once very thoughtful and intuitive as he flows into the most appropriate modality of healing in response to my presenting states at the start of a session.  His lovely energy, presence and attentiveness provide a space that is exquisitely hospitable to the soul. From him emanates a purity of heart, almost childlike beauty and a grounded inner peace, all of which reveals that he has done the work of traversing much of his own healing journey.

In our sessions, I’ve felt as though I’ve come home to the deepest realms of myself, where peace and serenity are ever present. What is more, I sense his wholehearted support for me to blossom, spread my wings and further ignite the creative fires within me.

Thank you David, for sharing your light and for drawing forth the best in me. ~ Isabelle St-Jean, Vancouver, BC

Thanks again for the great session yesterday.  I’m still feeling somewhat of an altered state today – I feel very present and lighter.  Yay!  ~ Kristi Kelly, New York City, USA

David was very intuitive in helping me determine my intention for the sessions and assisted me in coming to a deeper understanding of the source of the physical ailments I described to him.  His manner was gentle and loving and I felt safe sharing some very personal issues regarding my health.

During the sessions I was astounded at the energy I could “feel” moving through me and literally being pulled out of me.  I had visions of people and events in my life that I came to understand were at the root of what has been ailing me physically.  After each treatment I felt empowered and energized by a newfound awareness of the causes of my health issues.  Each of the sessions were very beneficial and the cumulative effects in my life have been enormous. ~ Steven Howard, Vancouver, BC

I had the pleasure and honour of experiencing a healing session with David Raphael after a shamanic journey.  I was so grateful for the insights I was given which helped me to create a deeper understanding of my experience.  David has a very gentle and compassionate way of being that made me feel safe and cared for.  His healing energy and tranquil workspace allowed me to continue my journey even on the table.  I was able to decode the meaning of my journey and was left with a feeling of peace and was able to move forward in my life.  I highly recommend David Raphael’s loving service to enhance your spiritual healing / transformation.  Namaste. ~ Dr. Tanya Gee, DTCM, Vancouver, BC

David –  I just want to tell you that the rest of the day following our session was beautiful and interesting. I really have never felt so much immediate effect from a healing. I was literally vibrating and feeling very uplifted. A few minutes after seeing you, I walked into a restaurant where a student of mine was working as a host and she said “What happened to you, you look radiant!”  A little later on, a man in the grocery store spontaneously said to me “You look amazing!”  I realized I couldn’t stop smiling – like Mona Lisa.  When I got home I looked in the mirror and could see around my head and face my aura which was very active and green.  This lasted many hours. One of my students the next day said to me, “Something happened, your eyes are very sparkly!”  Thank you for embracing and sharing your wonderful gift.

~ Heidi Klassen, Vancouver, BC

When I first came to see David I wanted to experience a deeper connection with my creativity.  I felt that a large part of me had gone unexpressed for a long time.  David radiated an inner stillness and peacefulness that allowed me to open up to him immediately.  Through his ability to listen and perceive, David helped me unearth the areas within my energetic body that needed to be cleared and brought back into alignment with my centre.  He always ensured that I recognized my own patterns of behaviour and understood the ways in which they can be changed.  I’ve even begun doing this for myself at home.

In David’s healing room I always felt totally relaxed and able to let go and trust.  David went about his work with a high level of integrity and was focused and passionate about healing.  During my bio-energy sessions with David, I would become immersed in the healing state, which felt both like an out-of-body experience and a state of extreme lucidity.  I received powerful and clear messages from my guides and angels and have felt their presence around me.  Afterward, I always felt uplifted and excited about what had taken place.

Since my sessions with David, I’ve experienced an influx of inspiration and ideas that come from a deeply spiritual place.  I know that the time ahead will be creative and fulfilling because of my work with David.  More than that, I’ve become more aware of what it feels like to be in a state of peace and alignment.  To me, David is much more than a healer;  he is creative and genuine, funny and open-hearted, and has the curiosity of a student and the insight of a teacher.  I’m blessed to have met him.  Thanks David!
~ Kristen McCarthy, Vancouver, BC

David – I remember that when I came to your place for the first time I noticed the good and positive energy, warm welcome and nice, quiet environment.  When you were working with me I could feel the energy from your hands, even with my eyes closed, and I could feel the energy going through me, especially through my hands and coming up from the earth through my feet.  When I was driving home I felt very relaxed and afterwards I felt calm and relaxed.

Before I came to see you I had a hard time breathing and felt short of oxygen – even though I tried to breathe deeply it was not enough.  I have to say that I am much better now and I keep doing the exercises that you taught me to do.  Thank you very much. ~ Hooshang Alasti, Vancouver, BC

Thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart for the healing that I’ve received in our sessions together.  The intention that you gave me I have kept in my heart:  “The possibility that I am creating for myself is living in the Oneness of my Being.” I have allowed myself to create a new universe and tap into my Divine Purpose in life.

The journeys that I’ve experienced with you have expanded my consciousness and brought awareness to my life and existence in a grand way. I became fearless and released the blockages that prevented me from seeing who I truly am in the eyes of God.  I have manifested the loving experiences that I have long wanted to feel with my loved ones, family, friends and others.

Through our work together I have created my own healing service to humanity and created ONENESS. The peace, truth, freedom, joy and love that I received from working with you is very much appreciated and I’m grateful that you are here on my path. ~ Teza Vialcita, Burnaby, BC


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